Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a ton of fun at my sister Adriana's home on Easter Sunday. We were able to take some video of some more well wishes for Dallin. You are loved Dallin!

Well wishes...

One of Josh's best friends has returned from his mission and stopped by for Dallin's farewell, I was able to get them sending Josh a little message.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the Count down begins...

I don't know why it's so crazy everytime we have a big whatever at our house. Why do I feel like I need to take on new projects and get everything in order? Crazy, I know...

So we have 12 days left with our wonderful son Dallin. I can say that now because I really am already missing him and he's not even gone yet. I have certainly kept busy with preping everything to have everyone over on Sunday. Open invitation by the way for all that wish to accompany us on Sunday April 17th 11 am for Dallin's non "Farewell" Food and visiting at my house after, all are welcome.

Wish I had some pictures to share, but my camera is MIA. So, coming soon pictures of all the great stuff we got at Pomeroy's and a little shout out for this store, best kept secret... it was affordable one stop shopping especially for missionaries.

Thanks to all that have sent so much love and support our way. We truly love and appreciate all of you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Camera Woes

So I've sat down to blog at least three to four times and everytime I realize I don't have any pictures. I lost, misplaced or had my camera stolen. So no pictures or blogging until I can figure this out. So...until we meet again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow, busy weekend

So after a week of seeing this... nothing!!

We were glad to see this big white envelope from Salt Lake! It's here!!! So at almost 4pm we started to text and call everyone to come over to the house so we can open his call. I had a few things ready to go just incase it came on Friday, but I had to run the rest of the time to get everything ready to go for everyone to come over.

I'm so tired today!! But so happy and excited. Our son Dallin got his mission call! He's going to serve in Guatemala and will be learning Spanish! We love it. Two down, three more to go. It's been so emotional to do this all over again. I thought maybe it would get easier with every one, but it doesn't, it's an emotional roller coaster. It's like having a baby, after your first one you know what's coming and it's just scary. We want to just thank everyone that came to support us and want everyone to know that we appreciate so much love our way. We feel so blessed. Here's the video of his opening, enjoy!

So after all the craziness on Friday after Dallin's mission call, we woke up on Saturday to clean the house so we could have some friends over for a Destination Dinner. Our good friend Alicia put together this little shindig. Our place was Italy and had appetizers. Then we went to the Folau's for dinner and they were a Hawaii theme. The food was excellent and they did a good job setting the mood with their decorations. The last house was the Burrell's and they were Paris and had dessert for us, an awesome chocolate fountain with all kinds of naughty things to dip and an excellent end to a great night. It was a ton of fun and we were glad to be included. Thanks Alicia for organizing it!

Kris and Amber helped me get this all set up and get out appetizers ready to go for our guests. I made bruschetta, Amber brought a large assortment of cheese and crackers and Kris (Kirk) made some delicious meatballs. Good Eats!!

After a game of Italian charades, the loosing team had to sing and Opera for us...

I have to say, they did a good job!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dallin

So we celebrated Dallin's 19th birthday yesterday. He requested Chinese food and cheesecake, so eventhough it was a lot of work, it was great to see him happy and excited about his mission call. We are waiting, waiting, waiting... it's almost here! Bishop let us know that it was in the mail!!! So, he's guessing it will be about a week. So Friday, hopefully we will know! Such exciting times. I'm just a little sad Josh can't be here to see him off, but we know they both wouldn't have it any other way. Love my boys!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Angela's Birthday

So Angela has become very aware of birthdays. She counted down for a week..."four days before my birthday..." "Do you know what day it is in two days?..." etc. So on Monday February 7th, our little girl turned 7 years old!!!! Boy I'm getting old. She's in first grade and loving it. Loves her friends, family and really loves getting presents. So on Monday we made pizza and chocolate cake (at her request, so glad she shares my love of chocolate) and had some of the family over. She loved it and was so happy! She's growing up so fast, I don't even want to think about it, but I am enjoying see her love life. Happy birthday Angela, we love you.