Thursday, August 21, 2008

What to do, what to do...

It feels like I haven't blogged for a long time. When it rains it pours, and that's what my life has been like the past few weeks. I had two weddings two weeks in a row. I babysat my nephews Hudson and Colton for a week in between the two weddings, I have to say (as much as I loved having the babies at my house) I'm so glad I don't have babies any more. I've forgotten how much work they are, you know with all the eating and taking care of them that you have to do.

The two weddings I had could not be more different. The first one we have affectionately dubbed it the sprite wedding. Cute summery colors with limes and lemons and touches of hot pink. This was a fun one to do. I now have more lemons and limes than I know what to do with, but when life hands you lemons... well you know the rest... throw them away. J/K ;)For the second wedding we had baby blue and black. The centerpieces were vases with fish in them (I ended up with one of the fish, that the family was so kind to give Eric John) but I know it's just suffering in the small vase its still in and the strick diet of bread crumbs, because I keep forgetting to buy fish food. Anyway, my battery died after snapping this picture and well this is all you get.The kids went back to school. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah... Love the kiddos, but I'm very happy they're back in school and being productive again. Kenyon started seminary this year, he's a 9th grader and loves seminary. It's early morning so four of us from the ward takes turns carpooling. Long days when its my turn.Angela doesn't go back to pre-school until September, but she wanted to wear her new school clothes as well, so here is a preview. Too cute, thanks Krissy for the cute blouse.Went to lunch for Rachele Oram's birthday to the new Gecko grill in QC. We had a great time. Emily couldn't come and Tiffany had to leave early that day so we photo shopped them in the picture because they were there in spirit. (I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm working on it)
Many cooking days over the summer. Ammon has become our soux chef he wants to help for every meal. Here he is with dad making Tyler Florence's potato chips. They were delicious. This was our last meal of the summer before school started, you know the last meal before the prison sentence...

I was in charge of the barbecue (from scratch) also a Tyler recipe... ... and corn bread. It was all very delicious.
Primary Activity Day was a Missionary Day. They had lots of fun doing door approaches, decorating a can to save money in and other missionary activities. We have an awesome primary presidency.

So how do you get your kids to eat their veggies... you make it fancy, call it a fancy name and serve it on real plates (not paper plates) We had Cobb salads and pork chops a couple of nights ago and usually I can't get them to touch the salad bowl, they ate every bit on their plate. Not only did they eat it all they loved it. They said this was the best salad they every had, go figure, all I had to do was separate all the parts.

I have also received a new calling, I am a nursery teacher. This Sunday will be my 4th week and I love it. The kids are so cute and the nursery coordinator Stacey Gillespie has it running like clock-work. I'm glad its very structured and organized, the kids do so well this way. Well, I know its a lot to take in all this info and fun stuff, hopefully I won't fall so far behind any more. I do love blogging, but it's almost as bad as a baby, you have to feed and take care of it all the time.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Card Club

These are the latest cards for card club. It next Tuesday and they are all done. I wish I could say that i am just very organized and have them all ready to go, but the reason and only reason they are done is because I thought it was last Tuesday. So guess when I was getting them done? You're right, Monday night. So my lack of organization worked to my advantage for once. Because I procrastinated (or so I thought) I had to use stuff I already had. This is what I was able to come up with.

I'm just glad that they are done!

Home and Garden show

Yesterday Eric, Angela and I went to see my brother Lamoni's booth at the home and garden show at the Cardinals stadium. That thing is Gi-normous, very cool. My brother owns his own Trim carpentry company and was participating in this years show. He made some cool stuff for display and they seem to have been having a good time. They were very happy to have my sister-in-law Amy there, being their #1 sales rep. She's great at approaching people and letting them know about the company. She helped me when I did a wedding expo and she was fantastic. Except she does get flustered with cute guys (call me and I'll tell you the story).

They can do some neat stuff. He did all the panels in the back and the pillars on the sides. Happy and waiting for customers.

So we were getting ready to leave, so I asked Eric to text Dallin and let him know that he needed to find a ride home or ride the bus because we were not going to be home. The next words out of his mouth were: "how do I text" So I showed him how to do it and he sent his first text ever. Congratulations honey, welcome to 21st century. The football field was huge and ready to be rolled into the stadium. Eric was trying to look like a football player, but he just looks like he need to relieve himself. ;)I still can't believe that they can roll that huge field in and out of the stadium. The things we can do now a days are amazing.We went and got a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets after and had a good hamburger and fries. I thought Angela would look so cute in the hat they gave her, but she did not think so. She is such a princess!!!

Breaking Dawn...

I started reading the Twilight book series this summer and if you're a fan you know that the last installment just came out last night. A group of friends and a couple hundred other crazy and obsessed women, youth and children where in line at Wal-mart last night at Midnight. I'm happy to say that I got a book and look forward to reading it.
Many ladies were all matchy, matchy with their "bite me" t-shirtswe had to make our mandatory Sonic run before we went to stand in line. I Look a little too happy. Diet coke drunk.Yes, there was definitely a line and some of our friends were at the front of the line. You should have seen some of the dirty looks we got.So at precisely Midnight, the books were released and we were off... You should have seen the melee, women punching and scratching, yelling "No, Edward is mine" fighting over the last book, I only had to shove two kids out of the way for mine. Just kidding!!!! It actually was really boring, everyone waited their turn, got their book and it was over in about 5 minutes, with plenty of books left over for the smart ones that went to bed and decided to go in the morning, this just sounded more interesting. I was kind of hoping for more action. Well, maybe next time.