Thursday, January 22, 2009

Late nights, diet coke, and good friends...

So, I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my friend Kim. We found way too many cute things. She found some great material to finish her office curtains and Blinged Out Pom Poms to die for. I found more cute Valentine's Day Stuff. So we decided to do a little trade, you know, I scratch your back and you scratch mine, well, more like I'll sew your curtains and you do my Valentine's tree. They both turned out SPECTACULAR! Thanks Emily for all the help.
Take a look...

How did I possibly live without a Valentine's Day tree until now? We found these cute slim trees at Walmart on clearance for $5. Add a few finds from here and there and voila!! Life is always better with glitter!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions

Or so I thought... Is it too soon to give up on New Year's resolutions? The Mora family is doing a Biggest Loser challenge between all the brothers and sisters and in-laws, well not all of them because a few would probably disappear if they lost any weight. The first few weeks are so hard, you're hungry, tired and grumpy, but I guess you the whole being healthy thing I guess is worth it. ;) So if you see me eating brownies, hamburgers or junk food knock it out of my hand.

It seems like Christmas was so long ago. I finally got everything put away and now it's on to bigger and better things. Valentine's is coming and it's been fun doing a few projects to add a few cute touches to my home.
I found these acrylic photo frames at the .99 cent store and was able to cut it up to different sizes...

...this is what I came up with, I used some letters I found at the Target $1 spot and......cute ribbon and paper from Michael's and Hobby Lobby...... and some note cards to give to the ladies I visit teach.I set out a few other things I had from before. I'm trying to get a Valentine's tree done, inspired by Kim Skinner (see her blog) and fun things here and there.

I guess since I'm trying not to use my mouth as much might as well use the time doing something else.

Some of my other resolutions are:

1. Blog more often.

2. Use a softer voice

3. Take more pictures

4. Read more - (mostly scriptures)

5. Enjoy the moment you're in, instead of thinking what's next.

6. Say I'm sorry first

7. Have more quiet moments

8. Stop procrastinating

9. Cook more meals for my family

10. Appreciate all my blessings, because I truly have so many.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Kenyon

In the midst of a lot of craziness in December Kenyon turned 15 on December 23rd. Kenyon was so small for so long. Now he has just grown so fast these past couple of years. He has out grown 4 pants sized (in length not width like me) So in honor of his birthday here are the top 10 reasons we love Kenyon...

10. He is so smart. His knowledge and command of the English language is amazing.
9. He is kind and loving.
8. He has a great laugh.
7. Eric says he has great koolaid lips (full, round and red)
6. He is a good priesthood holder and always honors his priesthood.
5. He is very service oriented and is always helping someone out.
4. He is a loyal friend.
3. He has a quirky sense of humor (unfortunately influenced by dad)
2. He loves his family.
and the # 1 reason why we love Kenyon is
He belongs to the Davis family and it would not be complete without him.
Happy Birthday Kenyon, We Love You!!!

Happy New Year!!

I've already started the year off bad. But here's to new year's resolutions and new starts. I hope to be able to keep up with my posts and family happenings. I'm using this as my journaling and I'm very behind. So here's December in a nutshell...

I started out soooo good. My tags for card club were done on time, I had half of the presents I needed for my kids all purchased and set aside, including Kenyon's birthday present....
Went to lunch for Gini's Birthday...Had a blast and always love the food at Crackers & Co. Happy Birthday Gini, you're a great friend!!!

I had two weddings in December, one the weekend before Christmas and one two days after Christmas. Needless to say I didn't have a lot of time for very much, but now looking back glad it's all over with.

I hosted two parties at my house. Bunco at the beginning of the month and a small reunion with friends I grew up with. It was fun seeing everyone again and planning more with people we have all kept in touch with.

Every second I could I would try and finish all the gifts for family and friends. I did these frames for the Davis family sisters-in-law......made these for a few friends...Made advent calendars for my sisters and Mora sisters-in-law (sorry no picture)
On December 23rd we spent the day with Kenyon for his birthday. He wanted chinese food for lunch and he hung around with Eric and me while we tried to cram the last of our Christmas shopping. Here's my mini shout-out for Kenyon's Birthday. He turned the big 15 and has officially become a full fledged teenager. We love you Kenyon!! We celebrated Christmas Eve at my brother's house and did presents a little different this year. We did a modified white elephant gift. For the kids 11 and under we brought a new $10 gift wrapped for the kids to choose from. We drew numbers but we didn't have them take it from each other, you know trying to avoid counseling in later years. As you can see the anticipation was almost too much to bare...
But eventually everyone had a turn and we had a lot of very happy customers. The teenagers had to bring a gift that they either made or had to give up something they owned to give to someone else. I have to say that they did a great job with all of their gifts. My favorite was Josh's Ultimate survival kit, he rounded up a compass, pocket knife, hot spark(to start fires with) and a first aid kit. He took a piece of foam and cut a spot for each piece. It was a big hit and the boys even traded back and forth a few times. Hopefully we'll do this every year.
The adults did a traditional white elephant. Some of the gifts were very funny. We had a $10 limit so it was very interesing to see everyone's gifts.We were happy to have my mom with us just 10 days after complete knee surgery. She has been doing so well and recovering nicely. We also had a nice dinner at my sister Adriana's home for my dad the weekend before. It was nice to have my dad with us for a little while.

In the mist of all the chaos, I did enjoy Christmas, the kids, family and friends. I love this time of the year even with all it's crazyness. I'm grateful for all my blessings and for all the love that surrounds me. I hope this year will bring everyone lots of love and blessings all year long.