Wednesday, July 16, 2008

19 years and counting...

Today (yesterday really as late as it is) is our anniversary and I wanted to post earlier, but not having a scanner really puts a damper on posting pictures you don't have digital copies of. So we went to the local Wally World and got some scanned. It was fun reminiscing the fun day July 15th was 19 years ago. Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know the scene where the whole family is at her house getting ready, video taping everything, being loud and preparing food, well that was my house the day I got married. It was my immediate family plus all the aunts and uncles helping out with one thing or the other. I really loved that day, maybe that's why I love doing weddings so much. As is in true character, I was late to the temple getting started, but it was beautiful and so peaceful being there. I don't remember much of that day, just that I was happy, scared and glad to see so much family and friends there. The reception was insane! There was probably about 500 people that attended the reception. We had food, fun and as is customary in any traditional Mexican wedding, dancing, dancing and more dancing. We had a live band and everything. I think my mom and dad went a little over-board, but it was definitely memorable.

I was happy and excited to start my own little family and now looking back I know why. I didn't know what the future held in store for me but I am grateful for all the ups and downs we have had and are going through, it only makes us stronger. I love my husband more than words can say and the beautiful family we have become these past 19 years. Happy Anniversary Honey.

Now a blast from the past and you are not allowed to laugh!! (makes me want to cry to see my skinny self back then, funny thing is that I thought I was big back then, what I would give to have the body back- I won't give up food though so I guess its not coming back)

Engagement photos from the local JC penny baby! Do you love the very calculated head tilt.

Times long ago and bodies long gone, we both enjoyed doing the same type of things, now replaced with family activities and less strenuous moves.

Go Eric! He was quite the basketball stud, still is just lower to the ground these days.

We had four bridal showers including this one that was for couples. It was at my friend Rebecca's house and she had Eric get in a huge box and wrapped it all up like a present and had him pop out of it. It was hilarious, I was a little disappointed it wasn't a Chip-n-Dale dancer ;)

Did I mention it was a Mexican Wedding. We always have the dollar dance. Everyone loves coming up and pinning money to your clothes for a few dances. I didn't mind so much after we counted all the money, over $700 that we used for our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta courtesy of Mom and Dad Davis (Thank you for the wonderful trip)

This was the Mora clan it seems a long time ago. I cherish these times we had together.

The Davis' were in utter shock at the amount of people in attendance (can you say culture shock) and more than the amount of people the amount of time they stayed. I remember my father-in-law giving up at about 10:00 pm, the dance lasted until midnight.

I know it doesn't seem like it but I was melting when we took these pictures, who gets married in the middle of July. I love that we have these memories that we can share and all the friends we have met along the way. 19 years seem to have just gone by so fast I can hardly believe it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nerd Alert!

The boys were able to work a couple of days last week with Brother Cox in the ward, they got paid this week and as money tends to do (you know burn a hole in your pocket) they went and bought rock band. I don't know there's something about fake playing instruments that I think is just not right. It's really funny how intense they are about it. They think they're so cool. Skylar got a job at the movie theaters, so he brought over a little present for the boys. I love movie popcorn, but this is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing Skylar.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, one more thing about my birthday

Did I mention it was my birthday ;) So my friends from the old hood took me out to lunch yesterday for my birthday. We went to Oregano's for pizza and pazookies (sp?) It's great to see the gals I hung out with so much. I hate being so far from them, I keep telling them that they need to move out by me. We had a great time visiting and catching up. We gave the waiter a run for his money, he definitely earned his tip. Everyone seriously spoils me way too much. They all came bearing gifts and lots of love. I can't believe I forgot my camera so I don't have a picture of my friends, but one of the girls did manage to get a picture with her camera. I'll have to share it later. I got a this great mirror. Big cupcake pan. Bath and body works. A very cute sleighrides sign, can't wait until Christmas!
All of this way cute jewelry. I loved it. Even though I make jewelry, I almost never make it for myself. Thank you Shelley, Jennifer, Sarah, Gini, Kaydee and Heather for a great afternoon.

Keeping busy

Well I don't have any weddings this month so I have some free time on my hands. You would think I would take advantage of the time and clean my closet, organize my wedding room or maybe clean out my garage, but nooo that would be way too productive. I have to say I've had fun helping a few friends out with stuff. Made a cake for Bunko.
Made Pizza for the fam. I don't know watch out Mr. Bianco.
Made some jewelry
Did an invitation for one of Lala's friends. They turned out cute. I think I'll have craft night one of these days all are welcome to come. I just love the crafts

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow, why did I wait so long...

So I know I'm a bit slow sometimes catching on to things, you know things like trends, fashion, fads etc. But, I'm really glad I've finally caught on to this one. I just finished the first book in the Twilight series and I LOVED IT!!!! I've started the second book, and am about halfway through, I'm so tempted to call someone and have them just tell me the whole story, I'm such a slow reader. I'm sure Eric would love that too, since I started reading the books I kind of go into my own little world and it drives him crazy. Any ideas how to keep a husband busy while I read. So I may not be available for the next couple of days while I finish the books. I'm glad a read them before the movie came out, I've been on to the official website for the movie trailer and it shows all the characters. I think they did a good job with Edward and Bella, the others, I'm not so sure yet. I really like being in the loop now about the "vampire" book, it's lots of fun. Here's the website if you want to check it out.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

So for the first time in I don't know how many years, we didn't do anything with my family or any of our friends this year for the 4th. But, we had a very full day none-the-less. We got up early to go to the ward breakfast, it was well attended and it was nice to visit with friends.

What is up with that pose? She is just too sassy!

the Elder's quorum did a great job with breakfast and they had plenty of food. Good job guys.We went to the movies to a matinee and watched wall-e, well the three older boys watched Ironman (they are just too cool for a kiddie movie.) It was a cute movie and the kids loved it. Angela was especially excited about it and talked through the whole movie. 'Where is he going mom'; 'where's wall-e?'; 'Why is he sad daddy?'; etc. you get the picture.
We had Bahama bucks after the movie and enjoyed that very much, I particularly love the oasis, with ice cream of course. We then parked along the road on Ocotillo to watch the schnepf farms firework spectacular. They do a great job with the fireworks. Angela was so excited all day and fell asleep before they started. So in the morning when she woke up she said..."Mom, I missed the fireworks!" Maybe next year. It was a nice, relaxing day and the boys didn't complain at all about spending so much family time together. Next year I'm throwing a party! you're all invited!

You want me to do what?

So we're sitting at church today and Angela is not feeling so well, so I brought her home and she's resting. So I thought to myself would it be okay to blog if I'm supposed to be at church? So here's my justification... I'll blog about last Sunday. I was asked to substitute for the primary chorister last week. Now I know you all think that I can do just about everything, but singing is not one of those things, so I thought to myself, "I wonder how many people they asked before they got to me?" They must have been desperate if they're going to Molly for music, I guess they figured the young-ens are resilient and will bounce right back. I may not be musically talented but I surely can make things cute! So we had a 4th of July musical review, complete with fireworks, flags and oh yea, music. We did a punch-out board that were the "fireworks" that had the song inside, then we played a guessing game with the song that was chosen. I also had the star hat I made for the teachers to wear when their class sang the loudest; the teachers LOVED it. Though I was a little embarrassed when I had to sing I did have a great time with the primary kids last week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More about me..

Okay, I promise this is the last post about my birthday, but it was a great day, here are some of the great things I got to do. We also celebrated Emily Welchman's birthday, a month late, but still with lots of love. Went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory with my awesome group of friends from around the hood. They are loud, fun and a blast to be around. Good thing I fit right in. And my friends know me well they all pitched in and got me a gift card from Hobby Lobby (good friends always feed your addictions)
Rachelle, made us these way cute aprons for our birthday! Rachelle your the Bomb!

My hubby took me to Pizzeria Bianco in down town Phoenix and it's true, the wait was 2 1/2 hours, but worth the wait. The restaurant is about the size of my living room with a wood burning oven the owner had brought in from Italy. The owner is always there making the pizzas and you can tell he takes pride in his work. He's been featured on the food network, Martha Stewart and other shows and has been named the best pizza in the country. So take a look, what do you think. It was crunchy, smokey and delicious. He uses all local ingredients, including olive oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill. I'd go back every week if I could. So if you have a few hours to kill, head on down and try it out. Call me I'll go with you.
Thank you to everyone for being so nice to me. Love you all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some of my favorite things...

So today is my birthday! Glad to be able to say one more year that I'm in my 30's. I can't believe all the wonderful things life has brought me all these years. I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful husband (who by the way made me breakfast in bed today), good kids and wonderful friends that love me so much (despite all my shortcomings). Well enough of the mushy, here are some of my favorite things...

I Love, love shopping for anything and everything... especially at my new favorite store Hobby Lobby (you have to say it in sing song, Hobbbbyyy, Lobbbyyy...)

I absolutely love going to thrift shops and antique stores. One of these days I'm going to do that for the whole day, shoppe to shoppe until I drop. Anyone welcome to come.

I Love going to lunch with my friends, it's great to do it for special occasions, but I love going for just no reason at all, but to be with my friends. I so enjoy going to the temple. Feeling the peace and love of our Heavenly Father. It's like a warm hug and pat on my head, It's all going to be just fine...I Love my family not just all the good times we have together, but for the everyday things we do together. For the woman they have helped me become and for the unconditional love I get everyday from each and every one of them.I Love my Savior for all that I have, for his sacrifice for me. For the love I feel when I kneel in prayer and for the peace I get in my heart when the answers come.

Life is truly wonderful when you are surrounded by so many blessings, good friends and great family. Even though I get teased for how old I am, I'm grateful for all the years I've had on this earth surrounded by love.