Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running with the wrong crowd...

So we're sitting home Monday night minding our own 'binuss' when we get a knock at the door. What happened after that was just so crazy, I still can't believe it. It was 6, count them 6, uniformed policemen (one woman- I think?) with a warrant for Eric's arrest. Now, you ask yourself, what could Eric have possibly done to warrant a warrant, well he, unbeknowst to us, did not (or so they claim) pay an off-road riding ticket he received over a year ago, back in April of 07, when he went riding with my brothers and family. We never received the notice to appear in court, but my friend Amy took care of it back in August of 07. Come to find out, the guy that reduced the fine (originally $125) to $25 did not follow through on his paperwork, so the check sent to pay for the fine just sat around in their office. So, instead of sending a letter or court appearance or even a collections call they decided to send in the swat team to round up the very dangerous off road rider - you know how dangerous those guys can be. I was livid!!!!!!!!!! and in disbelief at their attitude and lack of understanding. They made us pay the full amount of the original fine or else they would have to arrest the teddy bear that is my husband. Good to know that my tax dollars are going to good use. How much do you think they spent that night; 3 different government departments, 3 cars, 6 salaries to collect a $125 dollar fine? It's crazy!!! I still can't believe it.
This is the only picture you get, the cops wouldn't take a picture of us for my blog, so rude!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy birthday to my Sister, yes another one

I know it's a little late, but with lots of love. September 8th was my sister Adriana's Birthday and as I try to keep up with some blogging traditions here are the top ten reasons why we love our baby sister Adriana: I know, September is 09

10. She is very kind and tender hearted and will do anything to please you.
9. She is the Fashion Diva of the Mora Family.
8. She is always done-up and looks great.
7. She is very generous and giving.
6. Her smile lights up a room
5. She can have her babies and be in her tiny jeans within 6 months
(I don't love her so much for this one, I'm mostly jealous)
4. She's a peacemaker
3. She's a good friend, mother and an awesome sister.
2. She loves the gospel.
And the #1 reason we love Adriana is:
1. She is an important part of the Mora family and we would not be complete without her.
We love you Adriana, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birtday Onca

August 31st was my sister Veronica's birthday. Her nickname is Onca, we have called her that ever since I can remember. My mom said I couldn't say her name very well as a toddler and so I pronounced it Onca and so she was dubbed. Thank goodness I didn't call her something else.

So in celebration of her 37th birthday, here are the top ten reasons why we love my little sister Onca: 10. She is the organizer of all family gatherings.
9. She is the organizer of all things period; closets, drawers, rooms, etc.
8. She is super smart.
7. She is very passionate about doing what's right.
6. She is in great shape and can say she has run a marathon or two in her day.
5. She is a talented teacher, pre-school right now, but has taught High School, she was stopped at least once a day and asked for her hall pass.
4. She can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to do.
3. She is the guru of all self-help books
2. She is an avid reader, especially of the things of the gospel.
The #1 reason we love Onca is:
1. She Loves, loves, her family and would do just about anything for any one of us. We love her and are lucky to have her as part of our family.

Happy Birthday Onca!!!

The things I do instead of the things I should be doing

I was asked to be on the Super Saturday committee. I'm in charge of two projects that I made. the cute 'joy' sign out of 12 x 12 wood squares and way cute wooden letters thanks to my good friend "Joann's" and an Advent calendar out of a clipboard, got the Idea off of one of my favorite websites, You need the close-ups to appreciate the dimensions...
...the style...
...the pizazz...
I love all the prep work I have ahead of me to get all the stuff ready for Super Saturday on the 13th. I should be sewing the material for my upcoming wedding on the 6th......or maybe drilling the holes in the over 40 signs I need to get ready...or start cutting and printing all the stuff for the advent calendar...Instead, my cute friend Amy came over and we......made our BOO sign for Halloween, you know you just can't have too many Halloween decorations. I love it! As I was looking for the paper and supplies for the JOY sign above, I found this way cute Halloween paper and I just couldn't resist.
And no BOO sign is complete with out some Martha Stewart Glitter...
...Paper from the Wal-mart of scrapbook stores, Scrapbooks Etc.

Embellishments from the Making Memories line......And you have yourself a BOO sign, taaadaaa!!! I'm afraid this will be my last blog entry for a while, I have a lot of work to do. So bring me some diet coke and come help me get some work done, yes I'm talking to you!!!
P.S. I told you we got a fish from our last wedding, and it's still alive, I guess since the bread crumbs didn't kill it, it deserves some real fish food. I really don't like pets. It's stinky and so much work, with the having to feed it every day, I have 6 kids I don't need one more fish mouth to feed. Here kitty, kitty, just kidding!!!!!