Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Happenings and so much more...

This is a long post so bare with me. I don't get much computer time these days so I take it when I can. This has been a very busy past couple of months. I wish it were full of weddings and work, but we'll take what we can. Starting with March...This was one of our weddings in March. This particular one we decorated top to bottom. We had two other weddings we helped with, but much of the work was done by the families. Though I have to say that one of the daughters did the flowers for this wedding and they turned out so cute.It was very classic, but with a splash of color... Lots of color. I love my job!Some of the stuff I spent my time with was redoing this baby changer for my friend Kris. It was Melissa, and it was brown and very dated, but a bit of trim, and some paint will do wonders, even for old beat-up stuff. It turned out so cute!! Good job Melissa and thanks for all the help.As if I weren't busy enough, I belong to card club that we now do quarterly (Yeah!!) It makes for crazy times, but I love all my awesome cards I get to have when it's all said and done. These are the ones I did for this months.Even though, we had been busy, we got to go away for a weekend to a Lodge in Heber. Our friends Jessica and Newell invited us to their parents lodge. It was so beautiful and not so much because of all the neat stuff, and gorgeous property, but because of the loving spirit that is felt there by friends and family. Thanks guys for thinking of us. I came with it's very own lake that the kids has a blast swinging on the rope and fishing, even Angela caught a huge fish.It had a very nice kitchen that I admit to coveting......and some very unique and beautiful features to the building. My favorite part were the rooms, because each room was named after ancestors in their family and was filled with things that they owned and loved. What a neat place and what a good time we had.And then it was back to reality and back to school and the daily chaos. Eric and Ammon both made Honor Roll... ...and Ammon also received Student of the Month recognition. Good job guys!!!
We also Celebrated Eric's 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday honey!! I tell him all the time he's looking more and more sophisticated with all the gray hair, his new name.... "the Silver Fox"We celebrated with dinner at Baci's an Italian restaurant in Queen Creek (that by the way is fantastic) the day before his birthday and it was a long wait, but well worth it.

After we came home for some dessert. It was a fun night!On Eric's birthday Saturday the 4th, we participated in the Queen Creek's annual Salsa Challenge, of which Eric is a past champion. He didn't win this year, but he'll be back next year to take back his crown.
It was also Queen Creek's Easter celebration. The kids had fun running around, eating and participating in an Easter egg hunt.

One of the best happenings this past month was Josh receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood. We had the opportunity to do it at our home and invite friends and family to witness this wonderful occasion with us. We are so proud of Josh, for being worthy of this wonderful blessing.
We know he will make a great missionary soon. Mission update... still trying to get all his medical appointments done so we can submit his paperwork. He has his last appointment this week, then the papers are off and hopefully we don't have to wait too much before we receive his calling.
Easter was tons of fun this year. The kids got to go on several Easter egg hunts and i got to eat tons of Easter candy. I love Easter candy, yes even the gross peeps. And I wonder why I can't lose any weight.
I made these cute platters for my sisters and my mom for Easter. I got the idea from my friend Lettie from card club (thanks Lettie, I had a ton of fun doing these). You find neat looking plates, candle holders and a little E6000 and voila, you have a very cute cake stand. This one was my favorite, though I think they ALL turned out very cute. Angela, Ammon and Eric have definitely had their share of candy these last couple of weeks. They have had a ton of fun, and I wish I could say they are all sugared out, but I know that's not the case.
On Easter Sunday we got to go with my brother Lamoni to eat and have an Easter egg hunt with the kids. We also went to my sister-in-law Heather's home to eat some more great food. I have pictures of all the happenings, but you won't be able to see them until I get my camera back, I left it at Heather's, like I leave so many things. I'm glad I don't have any more pictures, because this has rambled on way too long. So, for now... to be continued...