Friday, March 28, 2008

Muchas Felicidades Abishai y Marycarmen

Muchas felicidades a mi primo y nueva prima por su reciente boda. Nos dio mucha tristeza no poder estar con ustedes y celebrar este dia tan especial. Les deseamos toda la suerte del mundo y esperamos poder visitarlos pronto. Siganos mandando fotos de estos momentos especiales.

Gone With The Wind

Here's some of the stuff I've been wasting time with, that I know I could use my time better, but that I love to do.

Freshest on my mind -

Celebrity Apprentice - Okay, it was the best one yet ever. Loved to hate Piers, Trace was so nice and his song was great (even though I don't listen to country music, I shed a little tear)

American Idol - is getting so good as you can now listen to, I have them on the blog play list for your listening pleasure.

The movie Enchanted - It has become one of mine and Lala's favorite. We even sat and made skirts for her and Jadan to watch the movie. It was so cute!

Biggest Loser - Inspiring enough to get up and exercise, but not quite enough to make me stop eating.

Dancing with the Stars - gives me a chance to get my sequence dresses out and dance!

and yes I'm a LOSER I occasionally vote. Well, that's it for now, I for some reason have loads of laundry I need to do.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Warning, Do Not Leave Camera Unattended

As I was downloading my pictures for Easter I found this ugly mug on it. It's my slightly deranged brother and I guess he thought it would be funny to take these dumb pictures. I guess he didn't remember I have a blog. Who's laughing now!
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Happy Easter

Easter week (or Easters, as Eric likes to say it) was crazy. The kids had tons of fun doing easter egg hunts, eating candy nonstop and visiting with family. Lala was very happy that the easter bunny left her a dollie and CANDY (I still have one that believes). The teenagers had a special easter egg hunt with money in the eggs instead of candy, all of a sudden looking for eggs wasn't so "dumb". On Sunday we had our standard lesson about the real meaning of easter and why its important to remember our Savior. The kids all are so smart and were able to tell us most of the story instead of us teaching them. I guess they do listen every once in a while.
On your mark, get set, GO!!!All the Mora cousins had fun running around, eating, looking for eggs, eating, playing together, did I say eating?

Easter eggs $2, cute soccer basket $5, candy $3, the look on this kids face, priceless.

Lala only 12 eggs okay.... I think there might be more than 12 there.

Uncle Chad has the last egg, go get it!!! Uncle Chad wasn't so happy!

When kids go wild.

New Website

We finally got our company website up and running. So go check it out!!! Let all your friends know and get me some more work. Eric and I did the website so there are still some kinks in it. You need to use internet explorer to view it or else its kind of jumbled. Let me know what you think. Heres the link

Friday, March 21, 2008

Future Computer Programmer or Politician?

Ammon has his technology class at school and brought this personal profile home. We got a huge kick out of it so we're sharing. It's kind of hard to read so here's what he wrote:
Next to the picture: Known for being a loyal friend.
Ammon is 9 years old. He goes to a school called Simonton Elementary school in Queen Creek Arizona. Ammon does not go to student council. He likes soccer and baseball. Ammon's dad name is Kamron Eric Davis his moms name is Eleasa Molly Davis. Ammon is known for being a loyal friend and being funny.

Favorite Animals: pups, Duckling, bunnies
Favorite Sports: Soccer, basketball, football, baseball
Favorite Foods: Brownies, soda, Mormon potatoes
Intresting facts about me Ammon:
He has been playing baseball for 5 years.
When he's older he wants to be many things.
Mom commentray: LOL - thought you might want to know that he does not go to student council, likes ducklings and loves mormon potatoes. A well rounded man if you ask me.

Tennis anyone?

Josh and Dallin are playing tennis at Queen Creek High and doing pretty good. This is Josh's second year and Dallin's first. They are very competitive with each other and if you were to talk to either one of them each would say that 'they' are the better player. Mom thinks they're both good and very hansome in their tennis uniforms. The games are really long so my farmers tan looks really great now.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I have a new calling, camp director for my ward. The stake is not doing camp this year, so our ward is taking on the challenge alone. Our theme is Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. I am very excited to get to adopt all these beautiful girls and also feel a bit of pressure to deliver something spectacular, I'll try my best though. The good thing I was able to incorporate flowers and girly stuff into the theme. Love the fluff. I hope I can do it without going CRAZY, okay it's too late for that, but I really am excited to go to camp and get to know these awsome girls.
Told you I like fluff.

Spring Break is OVER, kids back to school

We had fun over spring break. We went to the movies, went to the zoo (twice), played games and mostly just were very lazy all week long (well, my kids anyway). Love to have the kids home, but love it even better when they go back to school. We always see the zoo the lazy way, on the tram. Love it!
What do you think, should they be behind the fence?
The first trip to the zoo we went with friends from the neighborhood. The second time we went with family. I forgot my camera, so I have no pics with the cousins.
Got to pet the stingrays and mostly get all wet. The report back from the kids: "they're slimy"
After the zoo we went to whole in the rock to eat lunch and conquer the mountain! And no my kids did not make the whole in the mountain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Break, gotta love it!!!

The kids are on spring break this week and though I love not having to wake up early to get to school and worry about homework and such, spring break is a lot of work for mom. The boys think they need to eat 24-7, they all think that they need to be entertained at all times, and clean house? forget it! So I'm grateful for not so busy days to go the park, have some lunch and enjoy this great weather.

Multiple Choice Love

Last week I was cleaning out Eric John's backpack and we came across this lovely picture. He said "oh yea, I forgot I made this picture for you and Dad for Valentine's Day and I forgot to give it to you, Love you Mom!" and ran off to play. As I read it's contents I got a good chuckle, here's what it read:
Top: I love you mom and dad very mach(much) do you tow(two) love me to?
Side: Please turn the paper when you are done with the question
Back Top: Do you love me please anser(answer) the qestion(question)
Back side: yes, no, maby(maybe), sometimes.
I'm glad he gave me several options to choose from. Mom's answer, all of the above, but mostly always. He can be so cute!!!

Here we go again

Well, it's baseball season again. Practices 3 times a week for two different teams at two different places and it's only the beginning. I do love to see the boys so happy, though. This is the one sport they do all year a really look forward to it every year, eventhough it make mom's life a living h.... I guess I need to go sock up on gatoraid, sunflower seeds and big hunks (the candy that is) So if you happen to call any given evening around here we probably won't be home, but at the ball park watching our kids grow up way too fast and enjoying life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

End of an Era!

Well, I guess you have all been asking "how is Molly looking so hot these days?" Here's your answer; aerobics every Mon, Wed, and Fri. with some very dedicated ladies that are willing to come and torture us, I mean exercise and teach us for an hour on these days. We are losing one of our most talented teachers. She does not only teach us plain old aerobic stuff, nooo she teaches us salsa, hip hop, the hairspray dance, we have used the exercise ball, weights and even taughts us tricks with plain old kitchen towels. She's moving out of state and she will be missed. Greta, when we're not hating you, we love you and you will be missed!!!

I don't think I've met anyone with so much energy! (Well, maybe Melissa G. and Amelia R. but I still love you guys)

Grateful for Good Scout Leaders!

Well, this has been a busy month for Ammon. He earned his bear and is now on to the Weebolos den. I have to brag a little about the great leaders we have in our ward. Brother and Sister White go all out every pack meeting to make it special and this last one was no exception. The theme was Chinese New Year and they had our brand new building all decked out. They made this day special for Ammon and all the kids. A big thanks to Brother Heller and Brother Johnson for helping Ammon accomplish his goals this past year and he had a blast in the process. No matter what else was going on he never forgot about scouts. Thank you, you are appreciated.
We're glad Brother White has no shame (I mean that in the kindest way, promise)
We had a Chinese New Year parade and everything.
Proud mom wih a happy kid, can you ask for anything more?

Belated Birthday Wishes

Well, I've been without my computer off and on for about a week now, and I'm behind on everything. So hopefully you won't get too bored with all my new posts.

First, Happy Birthday Ammon!

10 years ago, On February 27th Ammon Jeffery Davis was born after a much needed 4 1/2 year break from babies in our family. Needless to say he was welcome with open arms and loved to pieces. He adds so much fun and happiness to our family and is definately the life of any party. His goals in life are to be a part of American Idol and earn his 5 minutes of stand up comedy time in his classroom that Mrs. Welch has promised if he can finish all of his work in class. Lofty goals, I know, Eric is just so proud. ;) With that said here are the 10 great things we love about Ammon.

1. He smiles with his whole body and means it.

2. He is kind and loving to all

3. He has beautiful green eyes that melt your heart away.

4. Funny, funny kid.

5. Loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention.

6. He is loved by all and he loves them all back.

7. He loves to watch reality TV with mom (the best part is his comentary)

8. Whatever he does he does it all out.

9. He loves life.

10. He loves his family and we love him.

Happy Birthday Ammon!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma! We enjoyed visiting with you for your birthday. You are as sweet as honey, always thinking of others and going out of your way for everyone. I have never met a person as kind as you. Hope you had a great Birthday!!!

3rd: Happy birthday to all the rest of the Davis family that has birthdays in February: Kyle, Amelia, Grandpa, Hope you all had great birthdays. Sorry if i left anyone out. We love you all.