Friday, March 13, 2009

Freaking Out!!!

This is a picture of Josh filling out his paperwork for his MISSION!! I'm happy, scared, excited, and sad all at the same time. I have all these questions floating around in my head; have I taught him enough? Is he prepared mentally and spiritually for this? Where is he going to go? Will he be safe? and well... I could go on forever. We're really proud of him and of his choice to serve a full time mission, we know this will be an experience that he will remember forever and that will help him become the man that we always knew he would be. We love him and are so excited for this opportunity that is coming so fast.

Happy Birthday Ammon

Just a little note to say Happy Birthday to Ammon. He's 11!!! What is going on, why is life moving soooo fast! I know it's a bit late, but still very heartfelt. We were just asked to do a spotlight on Ammon for the scout newsletter in our ward and I made Eric write it and he did a great job so here it goes:
Ammon is fun loving and also seems to always be sporting a smile. He is a friend to all and tries to make everyone fell they're included. Some interesting facts about Ammon: He's an entrepreneur (he sells his toys at school), he wants to participate on American Idol (or any high profile talent Show), he has a lot of interest in being a gourmet chef (or at least eating gourmet), he loves to participate in any and all sports, and he plays the clarinet. Ammon will be part of the 11 year old scouts and was able to participate in the Scout Day camp this year. We're excited that Ammon got this early start to his Eagle and proud of his accomplishments in cubs, especially his Arrow of Light. We look forward to being a part of and watching his progress.
Ammon is a good students and gets Honor Roll most quarters.He loves to participate in all social events at school and church...He loves scouts and loves to be around friends and family. We love Ammon and know he will be successful at anything he decides to do in life. Happy Birthday Ammon, We love you.