Friday, September 25, 2009

Picture Day

Usually picture day for our family is, how can I put this...HORRIBLE. But, yesterday we had a family picture day and it was sooo nice. My friend Kim Skinner (photographer extraordinaire) offered to take our family pictures, since this will be the last time my family will be all together for a few years. I think I have been just blessed to have everything just fall into place. I found all the shirts for everyone at one store at a great price, the weather was great, the photographer was very patient, and my kids actually co-operated. Usually by the end of a session, I'm saying something like this (In my best devil voice I have) "If you guys don't cut that out and look like a happy family for this picture I'm going to knock you into next week" or something like that. I know, I should be nominated for a mother of the year award, I know...

Seriously, the pictures turned out so good and I'm so grateful that we have this great reminder of our family. Thanks Kim for this awesome gift.
These are some of the pictures she sent me to preview, I can't wait to get the pictures and go get them printed.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My latest craze...

So this is my latest craze... Acrylic style necklaces. I found these yummy acrylic beads online, at different stores and other jewelry I've taken apart. I have been making jewelry for a while now, but I've really fallen in love with these cute beads in all kinds of bright colors. I've made these for Angela now that she has started Kindergarten this year. And a few for me too ;)

Aren't they soooo yummy! I love them and they make great gifts too. Call me and we wan do a bead party!